The Pre-trip Walkaround

There are many things that must be done when breaking camp with your trailer or motorhome. Often, a checklist is followed to assure that each item has been readied and checked before hitting the road. Generally, the last item to be completed is a full walk around. This involves the driver walking entirely around the vehicle and checking everything, verifying that all slides and awnings are retracted and locked, jacks are up, all appendages are disconnected from the services and stored, the hitch is secure, tires are fully inflated and not damaged, windows and vents are closed, antennas are all down, and no kids, items, or other obstructions lie under the vehicle. The ground should be checked to make sure no fluids are leaking.

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Tips For Shopping At Farmers Markets

One of our favorite activities while RVing is to check out farmers markets. These agricultural events provide a great opportunity to shop for fresh and locally grown fruits and vegetables, sample some great food, talk with the locals and enjoy live music all in one location.

The growers are right there and you can ask them. Oddly enough, the walk around seems to be the most missed departure procedure, even though it may well be one of the most critical. The majority of damaged components while departing a campsite could have been prevented by a simple walk around. In some cases, the damage amounts to thousands of dollars. Farmers markets typically offer fruits and vegetables at the peak of the growing season, meaning the produce is at its freshest and tastes the best. Since they were grown locally, there is a good chance that the grapes or strawberries you buy from the farmer were picked in the past day or two.Tasting fresh local produce at your RV destinations offers one of the better ways to become familiar with the places you visit during your RV travels.

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Full-time RVing – What We Do to Keep Busy

In the midst of The Great 2008-2009 Recession, my husband and I left jobs and a comfortable home to full-time RV. Having been recreational vehicle campers for over twenty years, we pursued camp host jobs as a way to transition from working full-time to RVing.

As volunteer camp hosts at public campgrounds we lived in our fifth-wheel trailer and performed tasks such as greeting park visitors and campers, answering their questions, picking up trash from campsites, replenishing paper towels and toilet paper in the park’s toilets and intervening on the rare occasion with someone who inadvertently caused minor harm to park property. In exchange for twenty or so volunteer hours per week , we were given an RV site with hookups Continue reading “Full-time RVing – What We Do to Keep Busy”